Practice Areas

Special Programs

We have been serving business men and women for over 30 years, and understand the need for teamwork and flexibility. We also understand that each client is unique, with unique needs. We are pleased to make the following programs available:
    Corporate Counsel. We act as outside corporate counsel, providing regular corporate maintenance and legal counseling to management. Our fee is retainer-based.

    Trade Assistant. We formulate, draft and format bids, proposals, bonds, letters of credit, etc., for select international trade transactions, with an eye to risk management. Our fee is success based.

    Trade Partner. We assist in the negotiation and drafting of contract documents concerning select international sales or projects. Our fee may be paid from the sale/project receipts.

    Trade Risk Evaluation. We assess and evaluate payment and other risks in proposed international trade projects, and offers solutions. Our fee is transaction based.

    International Business Training. We provide training to management and/or operations personnel responsible for international business transactions. Our fee is negotiated and based on several factors, including depth of training desired, number and experience of client’s personnel, etc.

    Export Controls Compliance. A myriad of U.S. Export Controls Laws exist, administered by several agencies of the federal government. Particularly since 9/11, major attention has been focused on enforcement of these laws. We work closely with clients to understand their products, services, and business models, and jointly develop compliance programs designed to ensure all export transactions comply with U.S. Export Control Laws. Our fee is negotiated.